Best badminton shuttlecocks – overview

  • The best badminton shuttlecocks have a head made of particularly durable natural cork.
  • If you are a tournament player and want to buy new badminton shuttlecocks, you should make sure that you choose badminton balls, especially for professionals. Those have to be licensed or accepted by the badminton association.
  • You can choose between three different speed levels for badminton shuttlecocks: slow, medium, and fast.

In addition to the badminton racket, the badminton shuttlecock is also decisive for the quality of play. The badminton ball can have a decisive influence on the dynamics, speed, and precision of the shots played. To ease the process of buying the best badminton shuttlecocks for your needs, we provide our detailed comparison table above.

Plastic badminton balls

Plastic badminton balls are usually made with nylon. Those most commonly do have better durability. This is less given with natural feather balls because they can fray out quickly. Due to the better durability, plastic shuttlecocks are, therefore, almost always used by beginners. Another advantage of plastic balls for beginners is that they can fly further. Moreover, plastic balls are cheaper than natural feather balls.

Plastic balls can be bought in 3 different versions. On the one hand, there are plastic balls that can reach incredibly fast flying speed. Then there are those with a medium rate and those with a low speed. Depending on the speed, the balls have a ring with a different color. For example, fastballs have a red circle; medium speedballs are marked with a blue ring, and slow balls with a green circle.

We always suggest beginners pick the medium speed model. This makes the game a little easier compared to the game with a fastball. Slow balls may not be very advantageous because they make it difficult to hit fastballs, and the game lacks dynamics.

Natural balls – the best badminton shuttlecocks among professionals

Natural feather balls are more popular among advanced and professional players. That is because of the great flight characteristics. Natural Feather shuttlecocks consist of a cork base, as well as twine and 16 goose feathers. The feathers come from the cover feathers of birds. Due to the unique arrangement of the natural feather balls, they can achieve fast rotations and breakneck speeds. However, the disadvantage of natural shuttlecocks is their price and durability. In addition, the springs of the ball are easily susceptible to kinks and fraying. So if the balls are hit a little less accurately, the ball can break quite quickly. Therefore, as mentioned above, beginners should instead pick the plastic alternative first.


When choosing the right product for your personal needs, you first have to determine the purpose of the shuttlecocks. Whether you consider yourself as an advanced player or beginner, you have to adapt that criteria in the choice of the balls. Also, the individual speed of the badminton shuttlecocks has to be taken into consideration. As a small guideline, we provide our comparison table above to help find you the right product.