Best Electric Garage Heater – overview

  • Electric garage heaters keep garages warm by swapping it as a safer alternative to gas garage heaters.
  • There is various electric garage heater depending on the dimension of the garage requiring higher wattage.
  • Additional features add to the convenience and safety of an electric garage heater.

Garages that aren’t covered in your house’s heating system require additional heaters to keep them warm. Traditional garage heaters use propane gas to create heating in a garage. The source of energy for this type of heater imposed risks to garages and our homes consequently. Electric garage heaters generate an alternative and safer option. Depending on the size of your garage, you would require distinctive electric garage heaters that can produce enough heat in a short time. There are different sizes and power volume electric heaters for different needs.

Fan – forced electric heaters

These electric garage heaters use a simple method to warm up your garage through circulating the warm air, raising the efficiency of this product to its maximum. These heaters use electricity as a source of energy; The in-built coils transform the power to heat. The fan then circulates the warm air close to the radiator. The fan-forced heater is easy to install and use. It also offers quick action on warming up your cold garage. Depending on the wattage of this heater, the amount of heat produced differs. Bigger garages require higher wattages to have the benefit of being warm fast and maintaining the temperature.

Radiant electric heaters

These heaters are known to be more pleasant than a fan-forced electric heater. The reason lies within the method of heating. This device uses inferred rays to heat the surrounding; anywhere that is exposed to these rays in your garage becomes warm. While being pleasant, they are not as functional and efficient as a fan-forced heater. They take a longer time to heat a place and work only locally; that means no matter how powerful is your radiant electric heater, the far corners of your garage remain cold. However, they make the perfect options for tiny garages.

Traditional or propane garage heaters

Gas garage heater uses propane as its fuel. They have known to create incidents in garages; there are many flammable goods stored in our garages that may impose a risk together with gas heaters. They are portable and do not require electricity. However, this type of garage heater has lost its popularity to its electric version.

The best electric garage heater – different dimensions

The system you choose as your garage heating system must have compatibility with the dimensions of your garage. Small garages could benefit from heating with low radiant and fan-forced is heated perfectly with best electric garage heater 120v; These are relatively cheaper options and sufficient for a small area. Larger garages require the power of electric garage heater 240v.

Mobility options

There are two different kinds of garage heaters when there is the question of mobility; fixed and portable. The fixed electric garage heaters remain in the same area and must be secured to the wall usually. If you do not require a heater in other places in your home for a short time, these heaters are the best option. They need to be attached to the electrical circuit for constant and safe electricity access. Preferably to set these heaters up in the highest point of the wall, it helps to avoid clutter in your garage.
Portable heaters provide different options to being only a garage heater. They could be moved to your toolshed when you need to do some fixing, or when you need to dry out the moisture in the attic faster with the help of extra heat.
Fueled heaters also come in the category of portable electric heaters, although they always require more care while handling because of its explosive nature.

Safety features of electric garage heater

It is essential to consider safety when buying a heater. You may also read the manual instruction for a better understanding of the product and optimum usage. The best electric garage heater is hot in touch when being used to avoid burning incidents. They must also include overheating protection, such as an automatic thermostat system, to ensure that the heater turns off when too heated. Lastly, the heater must turn off when tipping over.

Features matter

An excellent electric garage heater comes with handy features to offer convenience and ease of use. These include long power cords for better reach, handle for carrying or hanging a portable electric garage heater, and other details that you must measure in contradiction of your needs.


A proficient garage heater is necessary to have a warm garage, although insulating the windows and door frames help to keep the heat from escaping. Choosing the right heater is another important matter for a better and warmer garage atmosphere.

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