Best Indoor Rabbit Cage – overview

  • Indoor rabbit cages must be chosen based on the rabbit’s size and their activity levels.
  • You can find rabbit cages in different materials; metal cages are the most durable ones.
  • The indoor rabbit hutch must provide accessibility and ease of cleansing included in its features for convenience.


The little fluff balls are the favorite of many people; if you are also a bunny fan, you are probably looking for a new cage for your pet rabbit. You may want to change the old home and swap it for a new indoor rabbit hutch in your spring cleaning. Or you may have decided to extend the rabbit family by adding a new member or even plans of breeding your pet rabbits. The indoor rabbit cages are well secured and provide enough space for the rest and exercise of the rabbits. There are specific features and requirements. A rabbit cage suitable for your rabbit’s need requires considering a few features while shopping one; to find the best choice for you and your rabbit’s comfort.

Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit breeds have different sizes and exercise habits. You may consider researching your pet rabbit’s breed or take advice from veterinarian professional. Such research can help you to choose the perfect cage with the right features, but also learn to treat your rabbit better by having a clear understanding of their genetics.


Rabbit cages have to be resistant and high-quality material. Baby rabbits do less chewing, but when they grow up, chewing and tunneling through the ground is a part of their natural behavior. It is best to buy high-quality material rabbit hutches.

The best indoor rabbit cage and its hygienic features

Rabbits are usually resistant against many diseases, especially if you take them for routine checkups and keep their living condition clean. The best indoor cage provides stress-free cleaning features. A metal bottom pan is more hygienic to compare to plastic ones; plastic material may soak the rabbit’s urine bypassing the time and start to smell. Good rabbit cage designs come with a urine guard to avoid splashes and facilitate removing the bottom pan without dismantling the cage or taking out your rabbits. This helps you to do a quick daily cleaning to keep your rabbit cage hygienic and fresh. In general, you should clean the hutch thoroughly once a week.
You could buy absorbent rabbit pads and place them on the bottom pan since it helps to keep them dry and avoid skin diseases. You could use hay or newspaper as a cheaper alternative.

Rabbit’s availability

It is essential to reach your pet rabbits when requiring a minimum of time. It could be due to a health-related incident or for merely removing them from the cage. The open-top pens create good accessibility. There must be a door and a removable top ceiling that can help to reach the rabbits when needed.

Indoor rabbit cage features and materials

Indoor cages are intended to be secure from all the sides to prevent your little furry friends from getting into trouble while running loose, like chewing the electricity line. They come in different sizes and one to multiple floors. It depends on the size and the number of your rabbits and the availability of space in your home. You can choose the best indoor rabbit hutch. The rule of thumb is five sq. ft. per and the average size of the adult rabbits. Some cages are open on top and have a simple metal-hedge barrier design. Cages may even be foldable or wheeled to provide ease of mobility.
Standard cages are single floored. They provide simply for an exercise area, eating, drinking, and sleeping with no partitions. You could purchase additional toys for your rabbit’s entertainment. These basic cages are good for one to two adult rabbits with less active genetic profiles. The standard cage makes the best indoor bunny cage and could also be used as a separate nursing area.

Multi-floor cages

These cages are the best option for one more rabbit with high activity and energy levels. These cages are made from multiple floors and are connected with ramps and tunnels, which rabbits love. These cages are more space-efficient when it comes to keeping more than two rabbits, and the flooring creates enough space while occupying the same base space as a standard cage.

Metal rabbit cages

Metal rabbit cages are considered the top choice and recommended by many veterinarians. Rabbits are unable to chew through them. These cages are considerably hygienic. The metal material does not soak up urine and is easy to wash and sterilize.

Rabbit pen

The rabbit pens are light weighted and come with a cloth material with a metal frame for stability. The bottom pet to collect their excrement is usually made of plastic or metal. These are best used while traveling.

Extra accessories for the best indoor rabbit cage

The rabbit cages make come with extra features. This way, you don’t have to buy them separately. These items include; attachable food bowls, water bottles, hay guard, toys and calcium chews, etc.


Rabbits require adequate space individually to get enough mobility and stay healthy. They also reproduce fast; It is recommended to neutralize them before you end up with many unwanted bunnies with no rooms for them.

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