Best PVC reptile cage – overview

  • PVC reptile cages are environmental heat insulators.
  • Reptiles are well maintained using an advanced heating system and humidity control of PVC reptile cages.
  • There are different lighting options for various species requirements.


Exotic reptile pets are an attractive choice as a companion. These mysterious creatures require different necessities to compare to mammals; Their eating and sleeping patterns, living conditions, and any more differences. Reptiles prefer higher temperatures, and if you are living in places other than hot and dry climates, you’d require a heating system to keep them healthy. Airflow and humidity levels of their cage need to be held in check while hosting a pet reptile guest in your home. PVC reptile cages are a great option. Primarily, the plastic built material acts as an insulator of the cage’s heating system. There are other options such as thermostats, humidity regulators, and many other options. The best choice is a cage that meets all your requirements and provides perfect living conditions for your reptile pet.

Shape and size

PVC cages are scape proof and draft proof. The size of the enclosure must be relevant to your reptilian pet’s size, activity level, and environmental needs. Your pet’s liking must choose the shape of the PVC cage. For example, if you have a tree snake, a tall and narrow cage with branches and hooks to climb on is necessary. Low pens are meant for land-dwelling reptiles, such as a terrestrial snake family. It would be best if you considered your pet’s minimum space requirement and your own available indoor space.
If you have more than one reptile pet, you could buy a larger cage and place them together. However, you must make sure of their compatibility before doing so.

PVC reptile cages are usually built sturdy enough to be stacked onto one another in case of having more than one reptile pet. A useful feature if you lack enough space.

The right heating system for the best PVC reptile cage

All the reptile families prefer heat and hot environments cold weather can make them sick, disturb their hormones, and overall health. A good reptile cage comes within a built-in heating system. They have an additional thermostat to control the temperature according to your reptile pet species. There are more budget-friendly prices that don’t include a heating system. You may need to install a separate heating system yourself or adjust the temperature externally.
The required heating for reptiles is 70 to 90 F, although the basking areas must be 90 to 100 F; these guys like to move between the two.

Humidity regulator

Humidity requirements highly depend on the genetic background of your pet reptile; For instance, the red gecko need 70-90% humidity and Corn snakes require about 30% humidity levels. They must control your pet. You may need to do research and consult veterinarian professionals to gather complete information about your reptile’s needs. Many advanced PVC cages come with a humidity gauge and a humidity controller.

Air ventilation

Reptiles are not like amphibian creatures; They absorb oxygen through their lungs and not their skin. They require fresh air through opening the air gaps.

Terrarium or PVC

A traditional reptile cage is made out of glass. A glass box similar to an aquarium, which is also known as Terrarium. These glass cages are exotic; you get to see all the movements and their eye-catching beauty. However, these may not be the optimum living conditions for reptiles. Some reptiles wish to stay off the sight and move with the slightest noise comes from their shy nature. PVC reptile cages, on the other hand, provide a safe hideout where they could feel home according to their genetic profile. For reptilians in need of more light, PVC cages come with natural lighting as well.
PVC cages are superior to the heating aspect. The PVC material is a natural insulant of heat; It can keep the pen warmer comparatively. The glass material of Terrarium cages is colder in general, and they do not insulate the interior of the reptile living area.
PVC cages are also more resistant in cases of incidents; If the Terrarium tips over, your pet reptile may get poorly hurt by broken glass pieces.

Advantages and disadvantages of PVC cages

  • more pleasant for the pet
  • better heating
  • more robust
  • poorer view


Lighting in PVC cages is provided in two ways fluorescent or incandescent full spectrum bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs mimic the sun rays for reptiles, while incandescent offer light as well as heating. Some reptilian lives depend on getting daily conditions. You must make sure to provide enough accessible light for them.

Maintenance of the best PVC reptile cage

Hygiene is vital to keep your pet reptiles long-lived and healthy. PVC cages are easy to maintain and keep clean and disinfected.


Regardless of your favorite types of a reptile, PVC cages could be a great option for you and your pet. Try to get the largest cage possible; reptiles enjoy larger areas.

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