Best rat cage – overview

  • It is significant to choose the right cage size according to the number of rats you keep.
  • Rats are sensible to hygiene and can suffer respiratory issues if their cage is not well cleaned.
  • Pet rats can live in cages made of different materials. The metal cages have proven to be the best rat cages.

If you own a rat as your pet, you would want the best for them. This keeps you searching for the best rat enclosure you could find for your little companions. The right rat cage provides enough space for them to get adequate exercise. You may also be on the look for the pet rat cages if you are planning to breed your rats and add little tiny members. A right rat cage addresses a few essential aspects. It could also include some features for extra convenience for you and fun additions for your rats.

Sizes and shapes of the best rat cage

Rat cages can be manufactured in one piece, or in various parts that involve assembly.
The rat cages come in single floor cages up to multiple floors; It depends on the available space you have to spare to your rats. However, the minimum required space per each pet rat is one square foot. Larger pet rat cages can offer better freedom of movement to them. If you own a female rat, you may already go for a two-floor cage; female rats are accomplished climbers and prefer to practice it usually.

The hygiene aspects

The cages of rats must be cleaned regularly to avoid any health complications for them. They are prone to many diseases such as respiratory infection that could be caused by breathing contaminated air. A right rat cage facilitates ease of cleaning. The best rat enclosures offer the comfort of dissembling floor beddings without having to dismantle the entire cage. This feature is an important one that helps you to clean the cage effortlessly and doesn’t disturb your furry friend too much. It is recommended to clean their cages generally once in a day and a deep cleaning once a week to keep your pet rat from the suffering of various diseases.

Accessibility to pet rats

Rats are high energetic creatures. They love to play and be active; this may cause them to get in trouble sometimes. A pet rat cage should abilities your ease of access that is quick and easy. This is vital to the well-being of your rats and your convenience.

Cage material

There are many rat cages built in different materials that come with their very special features:

Wooden cages: these cages are beautiful and are a favorite for the rats. They could be a match to your home plant or greenhouse where your rats can enjoy the scents. Although your pet rat can chew up through the cage, ruin the pen, and, in the worst case, even run away. This cage can soak up the urine and turn unhygienic as well.
Plastic rat cages: These cages are light weighted and easy to transport. It is also easy to wash and dry. However, these cages could soak up urine after some time, causing health problems for the rats.
Glass cages: It is nice to be able to watch your rats while they are playing. The glass cage is also easy to clean and disinfect thoroughly. Although the glass material is not the best for the rats, they love to climb even the walls, but glass doesn’t permit the rats to practice cage climbing.
Metal cages: the best rat cages are metal cages; They are easy to transport, to clean and keep hygienic, facilitate climbing.


If you are planning to have a companion for your rat or even expand your rats, you must think ahead for their space requirements. The best cages for two rats integrally address their needs. The male rats will petrol the floor; it has to be big enough to accommodate more than one male. Added mini floors or entire floors to the cage can make your female rat fall in love with the living space.

Floor bedding

Rats are not birds, and mesh floors could even harm them. They walk on the floors, and while taking their little steps or leaps, they could get hurt. The best level for rats is a single piece of solid metal bedding that is removable as well; it has no health hazards for rats and can be disinfected thoroughly. These floors can be found in plastic material too. The plastic beddings keep the temperature more regulated while metal beddings can become cold. You can take your pick by judging the local weather.


Depending on the number of your rats and the surrounding, there are several aspects that need to be considered. So you ensure the best choice for both you and your rats.

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