Best standing desk – overview

  • Before purchasing a standing table, it is good to compare various designs and choose the one offering the best features for your purpose of use.
  • They are wooden, plastic, and metal standing tables; some are secured to the floor while others are movable; depending on your work environment, you can choose the best option.
  • Larger sizes of table permit placement of more objects to avoid the clutter, although, for simple use, smaller tables take up less space.

Standing desks have been with us through the history; the first recorded standing desk belonged to Leonardo DaVinci, the great artist of the medieval era. Desks are an essential part of many organizations, such as schools, offices, airport info desks, various types of desks are designed to serve numerous purposes. This type of desk is intended for particular tasks such as reading, writing, and using laptops or responding to the telephone while offering convenience and ease of movement. You could even find these tables in some takeout restaurants and cafes. The height, as well as designs, alter depending on the purpose of use. Some of these tables are angled on the surface type used for writing and drawing.

Standing desks may have additional features in their design, including drawers, footrests, or lighting. Some exceptional design of stand up desks permits the user to sit; This desk’s height is adjustable with a hand crank or an electric motor.

It is known that immobility and sitting for long periods could affect the overall health adversely; these desks are considered to help improve blood circulation and decrease immobility related health complications. This fact has turned these desks into a popular addition to many establishments.

Categories and your personal best standing desk

There are many options available if the standing table is used for schools, working environment, or even a gaming parlor. Here is a list of the best stand up desk designs obtainable in the market. This article incorporates all mentionable details to guide you to pick the right desk.

The original stand up desk:

best_stand-up_deskThese are the non-adjustable desks with standard height. They are usually hooked to the ground by heavy-duty bolts or weight. Some other versions are also movable. The material used for this desk is often metal or plastic. Mostly, takeout restaurants, food courts, schools, and public information point uses these standing tables.

Electric sit-stand desks:

These are more convenient desks with the help of an electric motor to adjust the height. They have better quality and a wide range of adjustability. A push-button engine helps to adjust the height to desirable heights, including to a sitting desk, which makes it the most suitable option for very tall and concise individuals. The designers have minimized the noise by having all the legs motorized.

The best adjustable desk facilitates the alteration of the surface angle as well as the height. These desks usually offer larger surfaces and making it a suitable choice for those in need of space requirements. The stability and sturdiness of this desk help to handle more weight and ideal for PC placements or heavy books. A movable monitor arm could be attached to secure the monitor as well as better space management.

Portable stand desk:

These desks could be moved around easily. They are light-weighted while keeping a sturdy balance. It is most useful for teachers, medical or biology professionals in need of smooth movement, drawing artists, and any other individuals in need of moving and a portable desk for support. The mobile stand desk is usually made out of plastic to maintain an agile weight. They come in different sizes depending on the surface area requirement and usage.

Counter-balance sit-stand tables:

These desks are designed to modify the height with certain adjustability levels. The height could be converted to a sit and stand up desk using a counter-balance system. It requires small amounts of physical effort to adjust the height using this system. These desks are secured using a built-in system. They are used mostly for office while offering ease of use and budget-friendly prices.

Hand crank sit-stand desks:

best_hand-rank_stand_up_deskThese desks are the most standard form of stand up desks with a mechanical approach. They are usually made of metal and are fastened to the floor. The user adjusts the table’s height using a hand crank on the side using spring support built in the legs of the standing desk. These are economical options and help space management in places such as offices and schools.


The best choice of a standing desk is in accordance with your specific need; you must consider all the details, and additional. It is best to keep moving while standing behind any stand-up desk to avoid fatigue, back, and foot pain. There are extra anti-fatigue mats that could be purchased to help change the standing position through its contour texture.

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