Primus EasyLight Lantern

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 38 Reviews)
Weight7.4 ounces
Size4.3x4.3x5.1 inches
Number of mantles1
Max. lumens490
Lightning~30 foot
Run time6 hours
Fuel typePropane

Light regulation

• LIGHT REGULATION – With an adjustable brightness corresponding to a maximum of 490 lumens, the EasyLight will
brighten your evenings on all of your adventures.

• EASY TO USE – The EasyTrigger Piezo igniter allows you to effortlessly light the Easy Light Lantern with the push
of a button.

• LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing only 6.6 oz 187 g, this little lantern is the perfect addition for your camping accessories.

• CONVENIENT – The EasyLight Lantern conveniently uses the same isobutane canisters as the Primus stoves (sold
separately), so you can change between the two with ease.

• TRAVEL READY – The EasyLight Lantern comes with a plastic carrying case and a wire hanger, making it perfect for
backpacking, camping, or any of your outdoor excursions.