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Depending on the topicality, complexity and popularity of a topic, our editorial team of journalists and experts usually choose from one of the following three methods when creating new content on



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Comparing products is an essential part of the consumer decision-making process, helping individuals make informed choices and find the best-suited option for their needs. 

When it comes to comparing products, there are several important aspects of product testing that can guide consumers towards making well-informed decisions.

By choosing well-established and high-rated products we can guarantee to give you an honest and independent comparison.




Before each product comparison, we check by means of product evaluations whether the presented products have recurring problems or defects. 

Such products fall out of our rating spectrum in case of conspicuousness and are not presented by us, so we try to ensure that no falsely well rated products are included in our ranking. 

By taking this approach, we want to spare you a negative buying experience and do our best to present only the highest quality products to you.




In addition to the comparisons and analyses, our editorial team is working on the preparation of informative buying guides to give you a more detailed explanation of the featured product. 

In these cases, it is less a question of concrete purchase recommendations, but rather of supplementary content and assistance, for example for the correct use of a certain product.


The over article will help you make a better purchase decision and find the best product for you and your personal needs.